About Us

John O’Sullivan, a passionate artist and curator, embarked on his journey of creativity and community engagement during his high school years. Fuelled by a deep love for the arts, he opened his very own exhibit space and framing workshop in Danbury back in 2011.

With unwavering dedication, Mr. O’Sullivan curated shows that predominantly showcased the extraordinary talents of local artists. His gallery became a vibrant haven where art lovers and creators could unite, fostering a sense of appreciation for the beauty and diversity found within their own community.

John found himself feeling limited by the smaller space of his first exhibit gallery in Danbury. As he needed for more room to showcase his artwork and create a truly immersive experience for visitors, he began to explore alternative options. One particular location caught his eye – the former Newtown Ambulance garage, which had been sitting vacant for several years. With more room to work with, he could envision transforming the garage into a captivating art gallery that would captivate and inspire all who entered.

Art & Frame has become more than just a gallery; it has become a hub for artistic expression and connection within Newtown. Artists find solace in knowing that their work is appreciated and supported by their community, while visitors are captivated by the diverse range of talent on display.

With each passing exhibition, John’s vision for Art & Frame continues to flourish. The gallery remains dedicated to promoting local artists, fostering creativity through classes, and serving as a gathering place where art enthusiasts can come together to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of artistic expression.

John O'Sullivan

John O’Sullivan

Founder of Art and Frame of Newtown